Conical Spring Mechanical Seals

Conical Spring Mechanical Seals

 Conical Spring Unbalanced Seals

"Conical Spring Mechanical Seals" are extremly rugged & reliable & therefore used in wide range of sealing applications. these seals have verry few parts & hence can be easily assembled or dismantled. The seals arrangement does not warrant any modification even in case of conversion from gland packing. The compact design eliminates the requirement of extra radial & axial space for its installation.


Use in corrosive chemicals, hydrocarbons, general & light Chemicals.

  Operating Limits

Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
Temperature : (-)20c to (+)180c
Speed : 2900 rpm (Max)
Sizes : 10 mm to 100 mm


Seal Face : carbon, Silicon, Cerantic, TC
Secondary Seals : Viton/PTFE/GFT
Metal Parts : ss 3'16, 904 L. A tov 20

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