Elastomet Bellow Mechanical Seals


Seal Face: Carbon, Ceramic, TC
Secondary Seals : Viton / Nitron
Metal Parts : SS 316,

 Elastomer Spring Seals

Elastomer Bellow Seals has been designed for general sealing purpose which includes easy installation of the seal.

Elastomer Spring seals used for water and sewage containing slurries. Shaft run out is compensated by Elastomer bellow and spring due to its self aligning capability.Elastomer Bellow protect Shaft/Sleeve from Fretting.

Elastomer Bellow Mechanical seals has single coil spring & due to which seal will not clogged in Effluent containing particles.


Generally used in high temperature applications of various chemical, petroleum, refinery and polymer industry.

  Operating Limits

Pressure : 10 bars (Max)
Temperature : (-)20c to (+)150c
Speed : 20 m/s
Sizes : 2850 rpm (Max)

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