High Pressure Metal Bellow Seals


Seal Face :TC/TC, Sic/Sic, Sic/Ceramic
Secondary Seals :Viton/PTFE/GFT/Karlez
Metal Parts :SS-316/Hast-C/Monel

 High Pressure Metal Bellow seals

Metal Bellow Cartridge Seal Has its unique Features which include
  • Easy to replace individual seal-wear parts.
  • Single acting Inside mounted.
  • Multi spring design.
  • Springs are out of product, minimizes corrosion and stress related failure.
  • Dynamic elastomer moves on nonmetallic surface eliminating fretting Faces.
  • designed for optimum heat dissipation.


High Pressure Metal Bellow Seal is widely used in assembly pumps, clinker grinders, sludge pumps, pulp & syrup pumps, oil pipeline pumps and boiler feed water pumps.

  Operating Limits

Pressure : 2000 kpa
Temperature :400 C
Speed : 20m/sec
Sizes : 1. 125" to 4. 00"

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