Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals

Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals

 Welded Metal Bellow seals

"Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals" is lnherently balanced metal bellow mechanical seal. This seals are independent of direction of rotation. The unique feature of this type of seal is that, there is no dynamic 'O' rings and therefore it will never hangup or damage the shaft and sleeve, it also has an ability to handle corrosive as well as abrasive & viscous media. These seals have self-cleaning & nonclogging construction. With selection of special bellow material it can be used in highly corrosive media.


Generally used in for handling highly corrosive chemicals, high Temperatu re appl ications, petroleum refi nery etc.

  Operating Limits

Pressure : up to 15 bars
Temperature : (-)50c to (+)350c
Speed : up to 25 m/s
Sizes : 19 mm to 100 mm


Seal Face : Carbon, Silicon, TC
Secondary Seals : Viton / PTFE / Graphite
Metal Parts : SS 316, SS-304

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