Single Spring Balance Mechanical Seals

single spring Balanced Mechanical seals

 Single coil Balanced Seals

"Single Spring Balance Mechanical Seals" are single coil balanced mechanical seal, relaible and rugged enougfh for veriety of application. balance and unbalanced version can just be obtained by simply changeng the carbon face assembled trough circlip provieded. non clogging spring design enables these seals to be reliably used in situation involving corrosive, abrasive and viscous media. generaly handle by high pressure pumps.


High pressure pumps, refineries, fertilizers, nuclear plants and petroleum products.

  Operating Limits

Pressure : 30 bars (Max)
Temperature : (-)50c to (+)180c
Speed :1500 rpm (Max)
Sizes : 10 mm to 150 mm


Seal Face : Carbon, Silicon, Ceramic, TC
Secondary Seals : Viton / PTFE / GFT
Metal Parts : SS 316, Alloy 20, 904L

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