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Dry Running Mechanical Seals

We are considered as the trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Agitator Dry Running Mechanical Seals.

Mechanical Seals are designed for Top, Bottom and Side Entry Drives in Agitators, Mixers OR Blenders and where Non-Aggressive and Non-Hazardous Media are Sealed with the use of Cooling Liquid preventing against Dry Running. Construction of MOC designed of these Seals purpose of holding whole Rotary Parts together with the help of Snap Rings which eases while Installation and Removal of Seals.

Dry Running Mechanical Seals
(TYPE D50/D51B )

"Dry Running Mechanical Seals" are outside mounted balanced mechanical seal, which require no shaft or sleeve step for balancing seal shows good performance in high vaccum conditions. Since no auxiliary equipments are needed for installation, it is very cost effective & economical. These seal can be easily installed & repaired on the feild to minimized replacements costs & downtime.

Used in top entry mixer vessels in pharmaceuticals & chemical industries, Petrochemical industry, Food and beverage industry, Non-toxic media, Agitators, Mixers, Reactor

  • Pressure :Vacuum to 6 Bar
  • Temperature :(-)20c to (+)150c
  • Speed : up to 400 rpm
  • Sizes : 40 mm to 150 mm
  • Seal Ring Face : Carbon, Sic, TC
  • Mating Ring Face : Sic, TC
  • Secondary Seals : Viton / PTFE
  • Metal Parts : SS 316, SS-304