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Multi Spring Unbalance Mechanical Seals

Multi Spring Mechanical Seals can be used in various industries for different applications as per the requirement of the products such as single, back to back, face to face or tandem arrangement.Multi-Spring seals design has many springs put uniform force over the faces hence increase its life.Most of components are interchangeable, hence it proves economical and easy to maintain.

Pusher Type Mechanical Seals are available in Un-balance design for low pressure and Balance design for high pressure applications.These Seals can be designed in Double configuration for toxic, hazardous, costly & volatile liquids.

Available Range: Multi Spring Unbalanced Seal, Multi Spring Balanced Seal, Reversed Balanced Seal, Capsulated Spring Seals and Dry Running Mixer Seals.

Application : Pusher seal are used in Clear Lubricating, Non Corrosive & volatile liquids.

Unbalanced Pusher Type Seals
(TYPE O31U/W32U )

"Multiple Spring Unbalance Mechanical Seals" seal are general purpose multi spring unbalance mechanical seals. These seal can be easily assemble or dismantled through circlip provided and can be change to balance version. These seal can be provided with single, double or tandem arrangement with external seal support system & devices

  • Pressure : 12 bars (Max)
  • Temperature : (-)35c to (+)180c
  • Speed : up to 3000 rpm
  • Sizes : 18 mm to 100 mm

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Petrochemical Industry, Pulp and paper industry, Water and waste water technology, Building services industry, Food and beverage industry, Water and sewage water pumps

  • Seal Ring Face : Carbon, SiC, TC,
  • Mating Ring Face : SiC, T.C, Ceramic
  • Secondary Seals : Viton, EPDM, Buna-N, FFKM.
  • Metal Parts : SS3 316