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Multi Port Rotary Joints - Micro seals Rotary joints are engineered to suit a wide range of applications for a variety of Media & Service conditions. Micro seals ' Multi Passages/Multi Port Rotary joints are most suitable to handle different types of media like: air, coolant, water, gases, steam, grease & oils simultaneously.

Special Design Multi Passages Rotating Joints allow use of Multi media in different Passages For example, water in passages 1 and 2 and hydraulic oil in passages 3 and 4 . This is Possible through vent holes between passages. We are comfortable to design Multi Port Rotary Joints from 2 TO "10 PASSAGES.Tell us about your requirements/applications, so that ‘Micro Seals ' can Design Rotary joints to fit your application

Multi–Passages Rotary joints for Multi Media : (TYPE-MSJ81)

  • Multi–Passages Rotating Joints Design for independent passages of Multi-Media through 2 to 10 passage design.
  • Suitable for multiple applications like clamping and unclamping, tool sensing, and spindle cooling.
  • Self-supported rotating Joints with Specially treated Flanged Mounted rotor.
  • Resist corrosion Brass housing with Stainless steel rotor.
  • Widely spaced double ball bearings design to absorb large side loads enable long trouble free service life.
  • Special seals of hardened sealing surface with metal ceramics.
  • For multi-media applications Drain Port and Vent holes are provided to prevent cross contamination of fluids and to collect leakage under normal operation.
  • One or two threaded holes in the housing provided for anti-rotation.
  • Special design for higher speeds with radial shaft sealing to be available on request for required media & service conditions.
  • On request we can Design custom Multi Port Rotary joint with option of
    • Special Threaded connections.
    • Flange of the rotor.
    • Main body /housing of Steel or Aluminium alloy.
  • Pressure : 2030 PSI / 140 bar Max
  • Temperature : 120° C/250° F Max
  • RPM : 250 Max
  • Secondary Seals : Viton, PTFE etc.
  • Metal Parts : Brass, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, S.S. etc.
  • Available Size : 1/4″ (DN08) – 3/8″ (DN10)
  • Connection : BSP, NPT, Metric (RH/LH), Flange

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