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Metal Bellow Cartridge Seals

Burgmann H76 Replacement Seals Leak Proof 70B/75B Replacement seal.

Being the Single Spring Mechanical Seals supplier, we also manufacture ptfe bellows mechanical seal, dry running single and double mechanical seal, mechanical seal for agitator and also provide rotary joints manufacturing as being leading mechanical seals manufacturers in India.

High Pressure Metal Bellow seals

Metal Bellow Cartridge Seal Has its unique Features which include

  • Easy to replace individual seal-wear parts.
  • Single acting Inside mounted.
  • Multi spring design.
  • Springs are out of product, minimizes corrosion and stress related failure.
  • Dynamic elastomer moves on nonmetallic surface eliminating fretting Faces.
  • designed for optimum heat dissipation.

High Pressure Metal Bellow Seal is widely used in assembly pumps, clinker grinders, sludge pumps, pulp & syrup pumps, oil pipeline pumps and boiler feed water pumps.Petrochemical industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical industry, Power plant technology, Pulp and paper industry, Water and waste water technology

  • Pressure : 25 bar
  • Temperature : -40°c to 250°c
  • Speed : up to 3000 rmp
  • Sizes : 18mm to 95mm
  • Seal Ring Face : Carbon, TC, Sic
  • Mating Ring Face : TC, Sic
  • Secondary Seals : Elastomers, PTFE
  • Metal Parts : SS-316, Hast-C276, Alloy-20