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Cartridge Mechanical Seals are specially designed to handle highly corrosive & abrasive media. Cartridge Seals are balanced and designed in such a way to avoid liquid contact with spring therefore find usage in almost all type of media.

Cartridge Mechanical Seals are Pre-assembled and ready to install on any type of liquids. Such Seals do not require adjustment in fitting due to pre-assembly hence avoid installation problem.Cartridge seals are an attempt to over-come the fitting problems of conventional seals.The cartridge seals unit can overcome several limitations of the standard pump gland.

Available Range: The range is available in different cartridge and semi cartridge version which include Single Slurry Cartridge Seals, Double Slurry Cartridge Seals ,Single Cartridge seals, Dual Cartridge Seal, High Pressure Dual Cartridge Seal & Metal Bellow Cartridge Seal.

Application : Cartridge seals are used Pharmaceuticals, Dyeing Industries, Paper & Pulp Industries and Petrochemicals,Slurry pumps.