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Single Spring Mechanical Seals are having single spring design to take care contaminated liquids. Due to open coil spring, it is used for non-clogging and self-cleaning operations.Single Spring Seals are assured for long-term usage and higher resistance to heat & pressure.

Single Spring Seals have very few parts and hence can be easily assembled or dismantled.The seal arrangement does not warrant any modification even in case of conversion from gland packing.Single coil Seals can be offered in Un-balance as well as Balance design to take care variety of applications.

Available Range: Single Spring Balanced seals, Single Spring Unbalanced seals, Single Coil spring seals, Conical spring seals and Wave spring seals

Application : Single Spring seals are used for Viscous, Abrasive, Crystallizing, Solidifying & Non-Corrosive Slurry.

Single Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals in india

Single Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals

Single Spring Balance Mechanical Seals" are single coil balanced mechanical seal,

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Single spring balanced Mechanical seals

Single Spring Unbalanced Mechanical Seals

Single Spring Unbalance Mechanical Seals" are single coil unbalanced mechanical seal,

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Conical Spring Mechanical Seals

Conical Spring Mechanical Seals" are extremly rugged & reliable & therefore used in wide range of sealing applications.

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