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Coolant Rotary Joints – We are one of the Leading Rotary Joints manufacturers, manufacturing Finest Quality Rotary Joints For Continuous Coolant Service in India which are ideal for installations on high speed machine tool spindles and gun drills for cooling the tool tips.

Micro Seals Coolant Rotary joints seals are Carbide and do not require any filtration. These are high-speed coolant unions with a cut off characteristics which enables the seal faces to loose contact in the absence of pressurized liquid flow thus avoiding dry running.

Machine Coolant Rotary Joints for Continuous Coolant Service

  • Bearing supported Mono flow or Dual–Passages Design.
  • Self supported rotating Joints.
  • Double- raw ball bearings lubricated for life.
  • Deep-grove ball bearings maintain the rotor in perfect alignment
  • Compact carbide balanced mechanical seal.
  • A pair of seal faces with single coil spring ensures leak free performance.
  • Bearing isolator deflects water splash from entering the bearings in case of seal failure
  • Nickel- Plated Steel housing .
  • corrosion resistant Stainless steel end cap and rotor .
  • Specifically designed for high pressure, high speed, hydraulic/water service.
  • Directly Replaceable with any Brand self supported rotary joints.
  • Pressure : 2030 PSI / 140 bar Max
  • Temperature : 71° C/160° F Max
  • RPM : 25000 Max
  • Seal Face : Silicon Carbide
  • Secondary Seals : Viton etc.
  • Metal Parts : Aluminum, Stainless Steel etc.
  • Available Size : 1/4″ (DN08) – 3/8″ (DN10)
  • Connection : BSP, NPT, Metric (RH/LH)

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