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High Pressure Mechanical Seals

High Pressure Mechanical Seal is designed specifically for the most required of high and low temperature services as well as being convenient for most running application in a wide range of media. It is a unique design for easy to install.Hydraulically balanced for reduced seal face loading which maximize seal life and allows for vacuum service capability. The Bellows is precision manufactured and is subject to the very highest levels of quality control to ensure consistent and reliable operating performance.

High Temprature Mechanical Seals
(TYPE CT45 )

"High Pressure Mechanical Seals" are designed for heavy duty service involving high pressure and sliding velocities. This mechanical seal has positive drive arrangement and sturdy construction making the seal suitable for high pressure application. Multiple spring design provides uniform face loading. The seal is supplied as a cartridge unit and can be directly bolted to stuffing box. These seals are normally used in main oil pipelines, water injection pumps and boiler feed water pumps

High pressure pumps, Petrochemical industry, Chemical & Pharmaceutical industry, Power plant technology, Pulp and paper industry, Water and waste water technology, Mining & mineral industry, Food and beverage industry, Process pumps, Metal Process Industry

  • Pressure :25 bars (Max)
  • Temperature : 20°c to (+)250°c
  • Speed : 3000 rpm (Max)
  • Sizes : 18 mm to 95 mm
  • Seal Ring Face : Carbon, SIC, TC
  • Mating Ring Face : SIC, TC
  • Secondary Seals : Elastomers, PTFE
  • Metal Parts : SS 316, HAST-C, Alloy 20,