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Single Flow Rotary Unions  – We are one of the Leading Rotary Unions manufacturers, manufacturing finest Single flow rotary Unions in India to meet General Purpose application need of fluid transfer. Mono Flow Rotating Unions are used, when supply and return lines are connected to opposite sides of the cylinder . Micro seals Single Flow Rotary Unions is available for high pressure and high speed Configurations for various Media Like Water ,Air/Hydraulic, Steam, coolant, etc.


  • Mono flow design Rotary unions for General Purpose Application.
  • Self-supported rotating union.
  • Radial housing connection.
  • compact Balanced mechanical seal.
  • Forged brass housing/ cast iron housing
  • Stainless steel rotor.
  • Options of threaded vent holes or low torque design.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Easy To Repair with Replaceable Seals.
  • Extremely Long Service life under Normal application.
  • Seal Combinations :
    • Carbon Graphite/Ceramic - standard;
    • Tungsten Carbide/Ceramic - E.L.S. (Extended Life Sealing)
  • Pressure : 3000 PSI / 250 bar Max
  • Temperature : 120° C/300° F Max
  • RPM : 250 Max
  • Secondary Seals : PTFE, Viton, CFT, GFT etc.
  • Metal Parts : Aluminum, Stainless Steel etc.
  • Available Size : 1/4″ (DN08) – 1-½″ (DN40)
  • Connection : BSP, NPT, Metric (RH/LH)

Water, Steam, Hot Oil, air, Vaccuum services.