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“Micro Seals” is well-known and trusted name as a mechanical seals manufacturers in India. We are Leading Mechanical Seals Manufacturers in India manufacturing high quality Mechanical seals and sealing components for the most critical industrial applications like sealing corrosive, volatile, abrasive, precious or flammable fluids.

We are one of the Best Mechanical seal Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of complete Range of Mechanical Seals, Sealing components, Rotary Joints, Rotary Unions and other fluid sealing Products.

We Design and Manufacture Mechanical Seals, rotary union and mechanical seals parts of high quality raw materials as per International Standarad

Micro Seals design's and manufacture Mechanical Seals for Mechanical Pumps Seals , Agitator, Reactor Vessels, Mixers, Compressors, Blowers, Blenders , Steam Turbines  and other rotating equipments. Being one of the Premier Manufacturer of Mechanical seals, Rotary Unions and sealing components our products have been appreciated for its dimensional accuracy, sturdiness, tensile strength & durability

Micro-Seals” Brand Mechanical Seals, Rotary joints, and Sealing Component are used in various industrial sector like oil, gas, Petrochemical, chemical Processing, power generation, pharma, food processing, as well as other Processing industries.

Find Here Our complete Range of Mechanical Seals, Rotary union and Mechanical seals parts

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Single  Spring Mechanical Seals Manufacturer

Single Spring Seals

Single Spring Mechanical Seals are having single spring design to take care contaminated liquids.

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Multi Spring Balanced Mechanical Seals Supplier

Multi Spring Seals

Multi Spring Mechanical Seals can be used in various industries for different applications as per

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Cartidge Mechanical Seals manufacturers in india

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge Mechanical Seals are specially designed to handle highly corrosive & abrasive media.

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Rubber Bellow mechanical Seals Manufacturer

Rubber Bellow Seals

Microseals are one of the best leading rubber bellow mechanical seal manufacturers,

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Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals

Teflon Bellow Seals

Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seals Design Faces are molded with Glass Filled PTFE with Highly Flexible.

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Metal Bellow Mechanical Seals manufactuers

Metal Bellow Seals

Mechanical Seal (Metal Bellow) – Microsseals are one of the highest metal bellow mechanical seal

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Agitator Reactor single  Mechanical seals

Agitator/Reactor Seals

We are on of the leading manufacturer of agitator seal in India. Agitator Seal – globe seal

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Rotary Unions Manufacturer in India

Rotary Unions

"Micro Seals" Brand Rotary Unions was Developed with the Object to fulfill the needs of the current market

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