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“Micro Seals“ AN ISO 9001-2015 UKAS Certified Company was incorporated in 2002 and engaged in Manufacturing, Designing, Supplying and Exporting a Complete range of High Quality Mechanical Seals ,Sealing components and Associated products like Rotary Joints and Rotary Unions to fulfill the growing needs of process industries and to provide sealing solutions.

“Micro Seals” is well-reputed and trusted name as a Mechanical Seals Manufacturers in India. We Emerge as leaders starting from a mechanical seals manufacturer in Mumbai to a mechanical seal manufacturer across India.

Micro Seals design's and manufacture Mechanical Seals for Mechanical Pumps Seals , Agitator, Reactor Vessels, Mixers, Compressors, Blowers, Blenders , Steam Turbines  and other rotating equipments. Being Leading mechanical seals manufacturers, mechanical seals suppliers and exporters of sealing Devices, we compete with other OEM Brand Mechanical Seals like Leak-Proof, Hi-Fab, John crane, Sealol, Burgmann, Dura Metallic, AES Seals, Chesterton, Flex-a-seal, Flowseve, etc.

Our Product Range Include Mechanical Seals for Pumps, Water Pump seals, Agitator Seals, Cartridge Seals, Rubber Bellow seals, Metal Bellow seals, PTFE/Teflon Bellow Seals , Pusher and Non Pusher seals, High Pressure Seals, compressor seals, dry Running seals and Rotary Unions/Joints etc. We "Manufacture Mechanical Seals" as per our own design or as per as sample or drawing provided by customer with advanced technologies as per the international standard. We also under take repairing and refurbishment of Pump Mechanical Seals.

Why Choose Micro Seals ?

15 years mechanical seals experiance


Micro Seals is one of the Best Mechanical Seals manufacturers and Rotary Unions/Joints Manufacturers in India Since 2002. With over 15 years of experience, you can be sure that our process and expertise far exceeds our competition.

Professional manufacturer of mechanical seals

Professional Manufacturing

Our manufacturing expertise and capability combined with modern manufacturing facility ensure consistent quality and high performance products

Certified company mechanical seals

Certified Company

Micro Seals“ AN ISO 9001-2015 UKAS-URS Certified Company Designed & develop all Products according to international Quality and safety standards

Best price of mechanical seals


Best Fluid sealing solution at Competitive Price with High Quality compared to other manufacturers

About Micro Seals

About Micro seals mechanical seals manufacturers

Over 15 years experience and knowledge of Fluid Sealing Industry and with well equipped infrastructure ,Advanced Technology, and dedicated skilled work force we enable to Provide economical solutions for Mechanical seals and Rotary Unions. We have Successfully Provide Sealing solution for Pump Mechanical seal and Rotary Union/Rotary joint and Have been Appreciated with Many Certificates Since 2002

We are Professional


Micro Seals Engineering team leverages years of experience and a deep knowledge of Sealing Technology to provide fast, innovative Sealing solutions.

We are Trusted

Team Members

Our team comprises of qualified and experienced professionals, who continuously work for the development of the company.

We are Expert


We're recognized as a leader in Customised Mechanical Seals and Rotary Unions solutions with a wide respect for our deep industry knowledge. .


Great! Support and Effort

Micro Seals Team has solved Our continues Leakage Issue by installing Newly Designed Mechanical Seals as Compared to OEM seals . Now The mechanical seal life in our Hot Oil Fryer pump has increased from an average of six months to more than Two years. Great! work By Micro Seals Team.

Hemant Waim (Maintenance Head)

Snack food Manufacturer
Our enquiries and orders were processed surprisingly quickly and effortlessly Considering the Gap between India and Italy . The Mechanical Seals supplied by Micro Seals with minimum lead time at competitive price was beyond Our expectation .

Dario Pinzoni

Purchasing Agent from Italy
Thank you for the great customer support! We only wish we knew about Micro Seals Three years ago. You guys are always fast and efficient and help keep our costs competitive.

Satish Singh(owner)

Micro Seals Customer
Thanks Fahad. Great work and support for design and development of Unique Mechanical Seals to replace existing carbon ring seals fitted to steam turbines.

Ankit Agrawal (Deputy Manager)

Gail India Limited
We appreciate the Effort Made by team of Micro Seals for successful refurbishment and installation of Critical dry gas seal for our refinery Plant.

Eslam Alzyoud(Manager O&M)

Oil Refinery - Iran
Micro Seals convert a troublesome Gland Packing Pump with Mechnical Seals which Solved our Leakage Issue and down Time Issue. Morover Our maintenance costs have been reduced significantly. Great Effort by Micro seals Team.

Nihar Vohra (Dy. Manager )

Fertilizer Plant
The Team at Micro seals is knowledgeable and personable. We like the personal attention provided to us, and the active involvement in Designing mechanical seal Competitive to OEM Brand seals. Replacement  Mechanical seals offered by Micro seals  are often cost saving alternatives Over OEM Seals and suit to products of our customer.

Rohmat Hartono (Head Design and Development)

Sealing speciality Inc-Singapore
The quick response and willingness to work with us on an issue we were having with our rotary unions was greatly appreciated Micro Seals” has successfully Repair Rotary Unions of international Brands installed in our equipment. We are exceptionally satisfied with Micro Seals Team for Replacement solution of Rotary Unions and its Save Lot of our Cost and reduce Lead time.

Ramesh Tripathi(Maintenance Department)

Indo European Breweries Ltd,

No matter which type of industries you have and mechanical seal reliability advice you want, we can help.
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